Wild Wallflower 

I wait for you behind every closed door I wish for you like the cure for a lingering cold. Your love is warm but reservation shows you aren't so bold. Pressed against the wall Observing it all. Pick me I'm a wild wallflower. Savor my pollen Stare at my petals. Choose the best piece of… Continue reading Wild Wallflower 


It was all a dream. Dreams of a better tomorrow.  Dreams of happiness and not sorrow.  Dreams of memories bright and clear as day,  Yet they remain blurred.  Blurry memories of what I wish to keep buried away in the crevices of my mind.  Blurry memories, Blurred emotions, Thinning the line of expectations.  Blurred.  We've… Continue reading Blurred 


  You and I are more   Most captivating being I've ever seen before You're the one that I adore.   Paralyzing My love for you is shocking Stuck.. Can't breath Gasping.   Quadriplegia   You're my hallelujah My salvation Maybe you're my savior.   Stunning. Your embrace is warming Feeling too much til there's… Continue reading Quadriplegia