It’s okay to not be okay.

It’s pretty okay my dear to have bad days and moments where you feel as though things won’t get any better.

It’s pretty okay to want to give up; but don’t because how will you ever succeed if you always give up when things become tedious, trying and tiresome.

You owe yourself the possibility of success.

You can only truly succeed when you work diligently to fulfill your goals.

I know that some circumstances are daunting but baby keep trying until you can do better.

Some day you’ll sit in retrospect being proud of all the hardships and lessons that shaped you into your present self. You’ll be so proud of your progress, however slow it felt like you were progressing will eventually produce the fruits of your labor.

You’ll get where you deeply desire to be. Just keep going.

You’ll only make it if you keep going.

Giving up won’t help you reach your goals. Wallowing in sadness won’t help unless you take action.

May sound easy for me to say but I live with doubts and anxieties every day. Some days I’d rather die. Some days I just want to stay in bed all day watching the clouds through my window, lying in silence, solace, feeling safe from the world and from my worries. Some days I rather be at the beach with my love forever and ever. Some days I rather give up on my dreams because I think I’m not progressing enough. Not doing enough. Not achieving fast enough.

In these moments I have to try to remind myself that shit takes time, that I have to keep working; keep focusing, keep striving and keep motivating myself.

If I can’t seem to motivate myself or eradicate succumbing to depressing thoughts, I talk to my trusted person and to my friends. I say exactly how I feel and in turn they assist me in realizing my potential, realizing that in everything giving up isn’t an option if I want it bad enough and they also remind me to stop worrying about that which I can’t change. They encourage me better than I can encourage myself at times.

It’s okay to not be okay. It’s okay to not want to try anymore because it feels like a dead end route; but keep going nonetheless.


In the long run it’ll all be worth it.


Keep going !


You got this!!


-Diandra C

26th Nov 2017

(Ps: Mental illness is nothing to be ashamed of. Depression, suicidal thoughts are nothing to be ashamed of, however please seek help and confide in a trusted person. You don’t have to suffer in silence. Get the help you need. We all have problems and doubts, the important aspect is how we cope with them. 💝)

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