Tell me about your love. 

Do you know what love is?

Do you know what love is truly? Yes you say? Are you sure that you do?

Is your love kind and nourishing? Does it give them room to grow into their best self? Or does your love tell them in what ways they should grow, in what ways they should be beautiful; instead of finding the beauty that is them within?

Does your love have patience? Does your love give them room to be their true self unaltered? Does your love give them a chance to make mistakes so they can learn from them? Does your love scold them mercilessly due to the slightest inconvenience? Or does your love see that we aren’t perfect… that even love itself isn’t perfect…

I already asked if your love is kind didn’t I?
Hm. Is it really kind?

Does your love have boundaries?
Do you limit how you accept the love of others? Do you love unconditionally?
Do you allow yourself to be loved unconditionally?
Do you love your person for themselves? Do you love them for all they are and aren’t? Do you love them for loving you?

Do you love yourself?

Answer me…

Do you even love yourself?

Did you even consider trying to love yourself before trying to love someone else?

Hm. Good question? I know.

Advice to myself is that I need try to love myself more… I need to love my flaws, my insecurities, love myself for being me in every way; love my selflessness for others.
I need to love the shape of my face, love the reflection of my body in the mirror – love my skinniness.

I need to love me first.

I need to love the way my smile widens my lip, lights up my face. I need to love my openness as it relates to declaring my love for someone or something.

I need to love how vulnerable writing makes me. I need to love me.
I need to love me more.

Remember that nobody should love you more than you love you. Find the beauty in yourself, focus on it, water that shit and watch it blossom.
Easier said than done eh? Yeah I know but trust me it’s worth it.
One day you’ll keep watering yourself and you’ll be in awe of where roses emerged from.


How can you really love someone and all their flaws while simultaneously not even loving the same things about yourself?


My dear, remember that it’s okay to love from afar. It’s okay to let go.


My wish for you is to love to yourself, unconditionally. I wish for you to find someone who loves you just as much and that they treat you better than you treat yourself.

My wish for you is love.

Love in its purest form. Love that knows no boundaries, a patient love and an understanding love. A love that pushes you beyond self and it’s thoughts of limitations and failure. A love that motivates you to be your best self.

Love for yourself.

That is my wish for you. xo
– Diandra C

Ps: I took the photo of these roses in Canada. These are the most beautiful roses I’ve ever laid my eyes on or had the pleasure of taking a wift of. Breathtaking to say the least. 🌹

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