Trust the journey



Although I really wanted to add ‘bitch’ to this blog post’s title, I resisted all urges. It’d be too in your face and loud so I toned it down a tad.

Either way, Trust the process bitch!

I get it, honest I do. Sometimes it feels like damn, what am I doing? What am I not doing? What more can I do? (Even though you may be doing the best you can for the time being)

Why do I feel dormant and as though others are getting ahead and I’m stuck being stagnant?

Gentle reminder baby: Everyone’s journey is different, trust the process. Trust your journey. 

Now I’m not saying don’t try harder, nor just rest on your laurels and let whatever happen happen. What I’m saying is that it’s alright to feel as though you aren’t doing enough. It’s okay to feel frustrated with your present circumstances. It’s okay to take a breather. It’s all okay, BUT don’t give up overall.  

Wallow in your self pity and whatever else for a while, sure you do that if you must. Don’t let it be your ending though. Use it as fuel to your fire. Create several plans, weigh the pros and cons, see which is suitable for your circumstances and apply it.

Trial and error baby, but don’t give up!

Little by little, keep going.

It’s not about how fast you achieve everything you dream of and your heart’s desires. (Shit takes time my friend. It takes it’s cool ass time.) It is however about your determination, how bad do you want this shit? How bad? What will you do to achieve your goals? At what costs will you?

How hungry are you for it?


How bad do you want it?


If you see yourself with it, if you see yourself achieving and it’s all you think of and it’s all you ever see yourself doing. Keep going… 

Some days are harder than others, but couple days, months, years, down the road you’ll sit in retrospect and be like, “bitchhhh you came from so far and look, I have achieved all of the things I spent so much time dreaming of. It’s finally a reality “. You’ll be glad you never gave up completely. You’ll be glad you believed in yourself and your abilities.

You got this shit. Keep going. 

It’ll all be worth it eventually.

Keep the faith baby. I believe in you. xo


PS. Photo creds: @christoph_rr (IG)





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