E is for emotional.

Sometimes I feel pressured to be perfect. (Or at least have my shit together and planned out.)  I feel pressured to feel as though I should already be successful.  At 20, I feel like I should have my life together and probably already started with my dream career and doing all the things that make me happy abundantly. Yet here I am unsure sometimes of what I really want to do with my life concretely. Unsure how to adequately go about getting all of the things I want. The most that I do know is that it must radiate around inspiring others and be filled with activities thoroughly enjoyed by me.

I remind myself that I am indeed doing the best I can with the circumstances and I am consciously trying to find ways to elevate myself and those around me.

Everything takes time, just need to remember to keep going.

If you stop trying then how do you progress?


Baby steps.

Slow and steady wins the race right?


Taking a moment to say that I’m really thankful for life and the people around me and those who really try for me. I appreciate them, beyond what some words can express. I truly hope that these people in my life feel loved and appreciated and see my efforts to consider and care for them through whatever.

Also. if you believe in yourself and your dreams. Just keep going baby. Make it yours. Just work hard for it, it’ll be yours eventually. Don’t give up the faith.


(Lowkey wrote this to encourage myself)



If you came for poems, then here you go boo:


Love is desire

It is the yearning for solace and safety in another.

Pure joy and happiness

Emotions inexplicable

Moments looping bounds

Oh baby

When real love comes around you’re supposed to drown.

To hold me close

A privilege

Such bliss I feel when we kiss.

Admire me openly don’t be coy

I want your words to make my heart orgasm

I want others to envy us with joy.



Baby just breathe.

Have a tall glass for me

and a shot of rum for the worms

and baby,

just breathe

Say that for me

For me,

your heart yearns.

-DiandraC 17thMay2017



Literature made me kiss pages with my pen’s ink

Open up

Come inside

Take a peek at how I think

Take a little peek inside

A look at the tide…

Steady waves on shallow shores

You know any day you want it

High tide/ low

It’s yours.

Literature is to blame

Literature lights my flame

Let it burn.

-DiandraC 20thMay2017



People can only meet you as far as they’ve met themselves

Be introspective

Check several perspectives


So afraid.

But sometimes one must let go…

Ascend into love

Genuine love

Pure love

Requited love.

One step at a time.

One moment at a time.

I love you either way

Yet I seem to be your biggest fear

I love you like art

Maybe love you like pizza

One step at a time…

One step at a time

Your heartbeat matches mine

As we’re at the edge of our seats waiting for forever.

-DiandraC 15thMarch2017


4/ I’m inspired by anything beautiful

My love,

I’m inspired by you and I.

-DiandraC 22ndDec2017


Remember, in all things do it with love.

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